April 28 - 2004 4th Pan-American Junior Draughts Championship

News from RAOUL ALIAS, President of PADCF

4th Pan-American Junior Draughts Championship

Dear Friends,

The 4th Pan-American Draughts Junior Championship for boys and girls will definitely be played in Curaçao in the period of October 3 until October 10 ,2004.

Junior-players until the age of 19 years , and who will not become 20 years old in this year 2004, can play in this championship. These junior players will play a tournament of maximal 9 rounds with the usual time of 2 hours for 50 moves and then 1 hr. for 25 moves.

Junior players from all the country/members of the PADCF are invited to participate in this championship. Each country/member can participate with 2 boys and 2 girls and the organizing country Curaçao will participate with 3 boys and 3 girls and if necessary to make the group even Curaçao will play with 4. The inscription fee for these juniorplayers is $ 50 for each player.

Draughtschool Strategia will host all junior players free and the coaches have to pay $ 250 for the accommodation (incl. breakfast). Lunch and dinner they will have to pay apart (not more expensive than $ 6).

Please inform us on time with how many players you will come and participate in this championship.

With Kind Regards,

Raoul Alias
P.O.B. 3760
Willemstad-Curaçao N.A.
Tel: (005999) 7375724/4614233
Email : serasi@interneeds.net